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AquaBlue Light is a natural chlorine generator for spa and spa pools.

This innovative system converts low concentrations of ordinary table salt (through electrolysis cell) to natural chlorine, this in turn kills algae and bacteria in your spa, whilst at the same time creating an outstanding water quality in your spa. After treating the algae and bacteria, the chlorine generated reverts back into sodium chloride. This process of purification continues, with no need to add extra sanitizing chemicals.

Outstanding water quality !

When you bathe in a spa fitted with an Aquablue Light Salt Water Purifier you will feel the difference immediately. Your spa water will feel silky soft. No more dry skin and red eyes or faded swim costumes to deal with. Kids, in particular, will appreciate the luxurious feel of your spas water.

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New AquaBlue Spa Mineral Chlorine Generator

Product no.: AquaBlue Spa Mineral Chlorine Generator

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