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Up To Half Price Off All Of Hot Tub /Spa Filters 
All of the fantastic products shown below feature up to half price savings and you are bound to find a the part or 

filters for your hot tub or spa at an affordable price.


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Hot Tub /Spa Chemicals                                Hot Tub /Spa Filters                                    Hot Tub /Spa accessories


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BRITA Cartridge service 

 Cleaning Maintenance service BY US, NO Sub-Contractors All work by Ascot Hot Tub & Spa Cleaning Services
  For people with busy lives, people to see and places to go!.Peter The Hot Tub Man Here To Help....


HotTub Gold Cleaning Maintenance & revamp (RRP £289)* every 12 months* NO need to drain down of your hot tub for a year. Full Cleaning Maintenance service.

 HotTub Silver Cleaning Maintenance service (£189)* every 4 months* 

HotTub Bronze Cleaning Maintenance service (£99 )*  For people with busy lives



 Cleaning Maintenance service BY US, A local, respected and family run business You get the same Cleaning Maintenance Bronze/Silver/Gold service we don’t operate as a Sub-Contractors All work by Ascot Hot Tub & Spa Cleaning Services
  For people with busy lives, people to see and places to go!

  To ensure you enjoy many years of problem free use from your hot tub, we recommend an annual HotTub Service. This will help to safeguard your investment and, in the   same way as a car service, keeps your HotTub spa in tip top condition, enabling any small as yet unnoticed faults to be simply rectified before larger and more  costly problems develop.

  Make the most of your Hot Tub all year round. You’re Hot Tub, when regularly serviced and maintained can be a fantastic place to relax, on even the coldest winter day, or somewhere to cool off in the summer. Whatever the time of year Ascot Hot Tub & Spa Cleaning Services*are here to help and our advice is free.  




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